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Minimize Environmental Impact from Design to Install



Green Construction, Built In

With construction, demolition, and renovation projects responsible for as much as 145 million tons of debris in the U.S. each year, opting for modular solutions like architectural walls and pods can help avoid unnecessary waste now and in the future. Designed to preserve the beauty of the environment while complementing the beauty of yours, KI systems can be made using eco-friendly and recycled materials, allow for reconfiguration, and cleanly disassemble for easier recycling.


tons of gypsum waste generated in 2018.


tons of drywall waste reached by 2025.


of drywall waste is recycled.

Completely reconfigure your space without the teardown and debris of a traditional build-out.

Minimizes wasteful trimming and cutting required to finish flooring and ceilings.

Applying surfaces in a controlled factory setting improves indoor air quality in your finishes spaces.

Next-gen innovations designed specifically to complement existing product avoid unnecessary waste as needs shift.

Constructed with aluminum and steel, your system can be recycled if ever it no longer serves your space.

Intentional Material Selection

Designed with the environment in mind, KI Wall systems are made from renewable and recyclable materials like aluminum, glass, and steel. We continuously evaluate our supply chain, phasing out components that don't support our sustainability efforts. As a result, many of our products are listed on the Mindful Materials portal.

Mindful Materials

Manufactured for Conservation

Through intentional manufacturing processes, we're able to conserve natural resources and divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills. We've also taken strides toward improving regional air quality surrounding our facilities and minimizing hazardous waste to improve our overall impact on the environment, earning certifications like LEVEL.

Learn About LEVEL


recyclable materials used in construction of KI Walls products.


reduction in energy consumption by 2025.


reduction in landfill waste by 2025.

"Sustainability isn’t just about ‘going green.’ It’s a fundamental way of doing business — one that conserves natural resources and reduces waste, consumption and operating costs. As we look to the future, we see countless opportunities to continue to do more by impacting the environment less."

-Robin Kunstmann, sustainability manager

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