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View Our NeoCon 2024 Recap

Thank you for joining us for the official debut of KI Wall in showroom 1181 at NeoCon 2024! We hope you enjoyed our new showroom space that explored the future of interior architecture with elegantly engineered architectural walls and pods. From curved walls to custom hardware, our latest designs beautifully balance form and function with style and performance.

Expressive Design in Every Detail

Every inch of your vision is an opportunity to bring meaning to the space you're creating. We're here to honor that vision down to the most precise details with a range of solutions, options, and finishes that complement and amplify the beauty of your design.

Award-winning innovations help you overcome known and unforeseen challenges of emerging design trends.

Collaborate with experts ready to problem solve and push your solution to deliver now and in the future.

Speciality stains and finishes alongside elegant details provide an elevated custom aesthetic.

Distinctly designed unitized system simplifies installation and expedites build timelines.

Engineered for reconfiguration, your space can be adapted time and again without compromising performance.

Together Toward Your Vision

Everything from our engineering expertise to our process allows us to get creative and do what it takes to ensure every intention is met, every user is accounted for, and every detail is delivered just how you designed it.

Built-in Sustainability

Sustainability is inherent in the nature of modular wall systems, but we push green further. From recycled denim insulation to existing wall components to reclaimed wood, textiles, and more, we minimize waste and prioritize reuse whenever possible.

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