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Solid, Combination, Framed Glass Walls

Imaginative Finishes & Layouts

Designed for the Infinitely Possible

Finishes ranging from glass to powdercoat to fabric, functionality from white boards to mounted furniture, integrated A/V and electrical, and endless door and hardware combinations come together to create spaces only you can imagine. Genius gives you complete aesthetic control as you design purposeful environments where people work, learn, lead, and heal.

Through the line's simplified modular design, the possibilities of your space live on long after install. As trends come and go, technology improves, and needs shift, Genius evolves to perform for a lifetime.

  • STC 41-48 sound blocking for privacy and focus
  • Up to 2" of height adjustment accounts for building variances and reconfiguration
  • Sustainable construction qualifies for LEED credits
  • SCS Indoor Advantage(TM) Gold Certified for improved air quality
  • Unitized panels expedite construction and reconfiguration
  • Demountable design qualifies for tax depreciation benefits

Endless customization and layouts make every last detail of your vision possible.

Streamlined kit of parts simplifies assembly and minimizes disruption with every reconfiguration.

Easily swap out panels to accommodate shifts in trends and technology.

Engineered to perform exactly as designed from day one and years to come.

Let's Imagine the Unimaginable.

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