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Join Us at NeoCon 2024

It's Walls, Reimagined.

June 10 – 12 | Showroom #1181




At NeoCon 2024, see how KI Wall highlights elegantly engineered architectural solutions. Designed to meet the dynamic demands of contemporary environments, we're excited to show you how our walls and pods balance form and function with style and performance.

Celebrate with a Toast & Treats

At NeoCon 2024, we invite you to celebrate the launch of KI Wall in our newly renovated showroom space with a champagne toast and French macarons.

Toast & Treats
Monday, June 10
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

A Total Transformation

KI Wall solutions offer more than a means to divide space; they transform it.

View our virtual tour to experience how our walls and pods bring depth to design with incredible versatility while enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


KI Wall offers the versatility to shape spaces that:

  • Inspire productivity and innovation
  • Offer visual and acoustical privacy
  • Provide unprecedented levels of customization

Explore Our Virtual Space

View Showroom

Inspired Solutions

Our renovated showroom incorporated visual displays that speak to design options, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship.

View our virtual space to see:

BREADTH OF LINE. Experience our complete portfolio – from the cozy privacy of a single-user WiggleRoom pod to the energizing collaboration of a freestanding conference room Super Structure and dramatic Lightline Low Profile storefronts.

EXPERT ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE. Understand integrated electrical and plumbing options as well as panel types and acoustical performance.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN OPTIONS. Unleash creativity with curved glass, inkjet printing, custom powdercoat paint, and other finish options available to customize projects.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Discover the elements that make the design, including sophisticated hardware options and various accessories.

Visit Us at NeoCon

We invite you to join us and view well-designed spaces that support the ways people work, learn, and heal.

Our expert team is ready to demonstrate how KI Wall can elevate your projects, providing you with the tools and support you need to bring your interior architecture visions to life.

Join Us for the Party

If you can’t make the champagne toast, we hope you’ll join us for the party!

Mixed drinks. Musical mash-ups. Must-see architecture and design.


Cheers Date Time

Showroom Party

Monday, June 10

4–6 P.M.

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