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Create Spaces Large and Small with Freestanding Flexibility

With virtually endless configurations, custom finishes, and accessories, WiggleRoom Pods and Super Structures give you freedom to design spaces for one to focus or many to collaborate. Spaces that complement your aesthetic as well as the working style of the individuals using them. Installing in a matter of days, both the Pod and Super Structure minimize disruption and fit seamlessly into your build timelines.

Sound blocking features like steel walls minimize distractions and offer greater privacy.

Freestanding solution installs without disrupting HVAC, fire suppression, or lighting systems.

Sustainable construction delivers lasting performance while qualifying for LEED credits.

Intuitive tool makes it easy to build a space to your exact specifications.

Approved as a Certified Autism Resource, WiggleRoom® products accommodate a range of users.

Single-User Pods

Single-User Pods

Install greater productivity and privacy in a matter of hours with booths designed to accommodate a single user while seamlessly blending into your space.

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Multi-User Super Structures

Multi-User Super Structures

Build everything from private offices to conference rooms to lounge areas without disrupting your architecture or workflow.

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